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PointsPrizes – Free Gift Cards

Points Prizes

What is Points Prizes?

Earn free gift cards from top brands such as Amazon, Play station, XBOX, Steam, iTunes, Google Play and many more!

Start by earning points with our free offers and advertisements.

Once you’ve earned enough points you can visit our website to claim your prize. Alternatively, you can claim a direct payment to you PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet.

Free Gift Code Rewards From:

? Amazon
? Playstation
? Steam
? ITunes
? Google Play…and many more!

Direct Payment Rewards:

? PayPal
? Bitcoin

? How To Start?

  1. Register to get started at  PointsPrizes.com.

      2.Verify your email and get started.

? FREE Cash You Say?

That’s right. Once you’ve earned enough points you can choose to claim either a free gift card code, or a direct payment to your PayPal or Bitcoin account.

? What Kind Of Free Items Can I Get?

You can claim a gift code from one of the many top brands we support, including Amazon, Google Play, Itunes and Playstation.

Get free games, music and discounts off anything you can think of.

? How Long Will It Take For Me To Get A Free Gift Card Code?

It will be easier if you live in certain countries, such as the United States, that have more offers available to them. In most cases you should be able to earn a gift code very quickly!

? How Do I Claim My Prize?

Visit our website and log in using your email.

Then visit the “Claim Prizes” tab in your account. You’ll be able to track the progress of your prize delivery by visiting the “History” tab. You’ll be given a delivery date when you can expect delivery, although usually we deliver faster than that.

? How Can I Get More Points Faster?

Check out the PointsPrizes.com website for our amazing referral program. Grab your referral link and then share it on social media and niche community sites! You’ll earn 10% referral points from of any points earned by members you recruit, as well as referral bonus points.

Some people earn all of their points with this method, and we have plenty of guides on our website to help you earn more points from referrals!


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