Qriket Review – Spin The Wheel and Make Money

Who is Qriket?

Qriket.com is a small app company that was founded in 2010 (six years ago in human years, 36 years in internet years!) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by founders Jonathan Comparelli and Mark Muralla.

How do I make money with Qriket?
Great question! Once you download the free app you’re basically getting paid to click on a wheel that spins on the app. But you can only get a certain number of spins by doing free activities on your phone like looking atonline ads, watching videos, doing offers, and taking surveys. Some activities are easier than others but they all earn you spins which can earn you money.

How much money can I make?
When you spin the wheel you can win instant cash prizes that range anywhere from $ .05 cents (could have bought you bubblegum in the 1980s) to $500 (can buy you an Xbox One today!). Each time, you get to pick a color: yellow or blue. This determines your wheel fate, but let’s hope it’s the color you pick! Otherwise, you’ll need to go back and get more spin credits and try your luck again! See how this gets addicting? But unfortunately this isn’t something you can depend on for a full time or part time income.

When do I get the money?
When you reach $25 (which could take awhile, depending on your luck and whether it’s rigged) you can ask for a payout that is paid quickly to the PayPal account you specify when you sign up.

What are some Qriket Spin Code Cheats & Tricks?
A quick tip or Qriket hack that can help you make more is to refer others to Qriket using your referralinformation. Apparently at the time of this review you can get 25 spins per friend referred. That’s 25 morechances towards winning a few cents or $500! You also can get small amounts of cash per friend you get to use the app.

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