Receipt Hog Review – Make Money with Grocery Receipts

Incredibly, there are genuine real ways to make money online without getting scammed.

All you need is a your “smartphone“, and some relaxed attitude to constantly being bombarded by adverts.

This app won’t make you rich, but they might buy you girly stuffs. I swear, this is apps works like charm.

I use Receipt Hog for almost 2 years, and it worked for me.  They usually pays through Amazon Gift Cards,

some are Steam cards and PayPal.

For PayPal, you need to create first an account.

Make Money from Grocery Receipts








Receipt Hog is a fun and rewarding way to turn receipts from everyday shopping into cash,

no matter where you shop or what to buy! Snap receipts and Earn Cash!

Download Receipt Hog

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 Receipt Hog is available only in English country, but with the mighty app, it’s always possible, anyone can make money with receipt hog.
If it isn’t available in Google Play Store, you can download it just right here.
Just one lil’ receipt from a cafe, restaurant or even fast food stop, it possibly can win you 5,000 coins in the monthly sweeps! The more often you submit receipts, the faster you’ll level up, and the more you earn!
   My Golden Tips 
• Grabbing a snack at the gas station?  That receipts will earn coins too!
• Don’t forget to snap your receipts from any clothing store, big or small!
• You’ll earn receipts too from electronics store and mobile phone stores!
• Stocking up on pet food? Your receipts from pet supply stores earn coins, so don’t forget to submit them!
 Minimum Cash out: $5 = 1000 coins
                                   Payment Proof
               Another Payment Proof from my second phone
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