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Shorte.st Review – Make Money with URL Shortener

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Does URL shortener pays?

*Absolutely, YES!

What is the use of URL Shorteners?
*From the word itself, “URL Shortener” defines a tool enables and the abilities to shorten loooooooooong links.

For e.g

This will be the look of my web address when shrunk.

As per my curiosity, i landed through a blog last year which topic is about URL Shortening, that makes wonder and overthink about making money.

Well this give me the urge to write and share it with you. I have been using this money making site to monetize my site. This is really helpful to those publishers who are having difficulties with the approval of the giant and genuine advertising company, the Google Adsense.

Now, i will share with you my favorite site. This URL shortener is the best alternative of Adsense. But i insist, no one can beat Adsense. They are just the best.

Shorte.st ranks the highest paying URL shortener, it is easy to use and user friendly interface.

There are 3 huge income sources this site can offer.  

1.URL Shortener

Even if you don’t have a website, you can still earn money.

Copy a link. Any link you want, paste it to the site. And Shrink!

How to make money?
Very simple.

Copy the shortened link, paste it anywhere you like. In social media for example. Whenever a person click the link you share, that is money

2.Website Script

With their mighty script generator, you can easily generate your own script.

Simply choose the best option for you click the “Generate Script button”, and your script will be ready in no time.

3.Referral Program
You cannot say NO to their referral program because of the huge amount of commission percentage every time the person you referred has earned.

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